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Mindful Flourishing Course

Mindful Flourishing Course

What is this course?

The Mindful Flourishing Course, taught through 7 one-on-one zoom sessions with Leah, was carefully crafted to help build the practices of meditation and mindfulness into your daily life.

  • Each session lasts one hour and costs $40
  • Learn how to be mindful and bring meditation and mindfulness into all aspects of your life
  • These tailored one-on-one sessions will give you the care and attention necessary for learning and cultivating a mindset of presence
  • We will dive into concepts such as awareness, our doing versus being mind, compassion, loving-kindness, anxiety, other strong emotions, and how to surrender
  • There are additional sessions available, including confidence and your true self, values and goals, habits and boundaries, and perfectionism
  • These sessions are suitable for all ages, as mindfulness is a skill that anyone can use
  • I will work with your needs and make sure you’re getting the best experience possible for you
  • I am open to meeting as often as you’d like and will stay in contact beyond our individual sessions for guidance and encouragement
  • You will be provided with numerous resources to help you maintain your practice for life

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Self-Awareness Session

In this session we will jump headfirst into the practices of mindfulness and meditation and learn how downward spirals really work. Other ideas we will touch on are resistance to mindfulness and some myths and facts about meditation.

Doing vs. Being Session

Learn about the difference between our doing and being minds. We will also dive into concepts like flex thinking, taking the observer perspective, and just listening. This session is one you won’t want to miss!

Loving-Kindness Session

Learn all about loving-kindness and its use as a meditation. Other powerful concepts we will explore are positive thinking, gratitude, and what it means to be happy.

Compassion Session

Learn how to access your compassionate side. In this session we will dive into compassion meditations, as well as concepts of forgiveness, self-care, and using the breath as a brain hug.

Anxiety Session

In this session we will talk all things anxiety. First, we will define it and then learn how to be with it instead of always pushing it away. Other important concepts discussed will be reframing and the power of choice. We will close with a guided visualization meditation to find your safe-haven.

Other Strong Emotions Session

In this session we will focus on other strong emotions, including anger. I’ll give you a plan for how to deal with these emotions constructively and for your benefit. Other ideas we will discuss are how our thoughts are energy and finding peace amidst chaos.

How to Surrender Session

This class will demonstrate how all the tools you’ve learned relate to the concept of surrendering. This doesn’t mean putting up a while flag; rather, you are surrendering to what can’t be changed and then taking the necessary steps to alter what can be changed for the better.

Additional Sessions

Values Session

Discover what values are, your own core values, and learn about any barriers you might have to living out these values.

Goals Session

Learn how to make tangible goals that match your values, uncover barriers to those goals, and discover the rewards that come with achieving them.

Boundaries Session

This session is all about boundaries: what they are, the different types, how to recognize when you need them, and how to communicate them to others. You will learn how to set boundaries with both yourself and others.

Habits Session

In this session, you will discover how to cultivate and get rid of habits, through identity, boundaries, and recognizing your triggers.

Body-Confidence Session

Cultivate body confidence through respect, appreciation and acceptance. Learn the secret to breaking free from your obsession with how you look and how to appreciate your insecurities.

Your True Self Session

Discover how you’ve been inauthentically living your life and how to find your true self. Learn about concepts such as the authentic self, core beliefs, self-trust, and the myth of normal.

Perfectionism Session

Dealing with perfectionism myself, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for how to deal with our inner critic and calm the inner worrier in us all. You will also learn who you are being perfect for and how to invalidate your perfectionism.

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